About SBRealEstate.com

Our volume of sales, negotiation tactics, aggressive marketing methods, years of experience, and dedication have earned us a reputation as Santa Barbara’s top realtors.

Voted the best Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent for 2013 by The Independent, we are proud to hold ourselves to the standard of practice that makes us the best. Thanks to our efforts we are consistently ranked in the top 1% of all Santa Barbara real estate agents because of the quality and quantity of the houses we sell. In fact, we are one of the top real estate agents nationwide.

Supported by Keller Williams, the number-one real estate company in the U.S., Steve Epstein and The Epstein Partners bring their unique approach to the practice of real estate. Each partner on the team brings to the table their areas of expertise in the Santa Barbara area.

Together, we pull from our vast resources to deliver a practical, results-orientated approach to buying and selling real estate. We’ve developed a proven plan that efficiently and quickly sells houses to the right buyers for the right price.

With our methodology, we have closed more than 1,400 deals that totaled over one billion dollars in residential real estate. These results speak for themselves.

How The Epstein Partners Started

Steve Epstein, CEO and founder of The Epstein Partners started his real estate company as an extension of himself. It was the beginning of is now has 28 years of local experience with buying and selling real estate here in Santa Barbara.

At a young age, Steve started working and quickly found that he excelled at service-orientated jobs. They fit well with his caring disposition to show genuine interest in people. Through service-orientated positions he was able to provide a dedicated service towards peoples’ individual needs, satisfying his clients and himself.

You will find this same personal dedication in his work today.

Becoming a real estate agent in Santa Barbara was a natural progression for Steve, he readily rose to the top of the field. At the first company he worked at he became the “Rookie of the Year.” Propelled by this achievement to succeed, Steve also went on to graduate from the Realtors Institute of California with the completion of his “GRI.”

Attaining a GRI is an accomplishment made by only 6.7% of all Realtors and serves to show Steve’s dedication and expertise in real estate.

Even more prestigiously, Steve earned his Certified Residential Specialist designation, which is the highest designation achievable. Only 4% of Realtors nationwide hold the title. Steve is also a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and consistently ranks in the top 1% of 90,000 Coldwell Banker agents internationally.

With this background, Steve started The Epstein Partners in Santa Barbara to further expand the reach of his real estate business. All of Steve’s experience and expertise translate into an all-star team who use a combined effort to deliver the best service possible.

The Epstein Partners In Real Estate Today

We pride ourselves on the measures we have taken to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

One of the main advantages provided by our service is that for the price of a single agent you get an expert team of real estate agents and staff that work for you. We use a high-quality, comprehensive, and aggressive marketing technique that advertises your listing on multiple platforms to affluent markets every day until the listing is sold.

We are focused on delivering a client-centric service that shows real results. Above all else, we do this by maintaining our integrity and professionalism in every transaction. We’ll never tell a client something just because it is what they want to hear and we never give anything less than our best.

As a team, we all work together to deliver our unique marketing strategy. It is an approach that has been developed over years of combining and refining what works into a cohesive plan. We even have a marketing manager on staff to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The Epstein Partners Real Estate Marketing Strategy

  1. Advertise every listing, every day, until it is SOLD.
  2. A yearly marketing and advertising budget of $150,000.
  3. List your home’s advertisement on over 350 websites.
  4. Professional photography service for all listings.
  5. Print 11”x17” flyers for all homes we sell.
  6. 24/7 availability for unsurpassed coverage.
  7. Personally, market your home to LA’s affluent markets.

Each member of our team holds them to this standard of excellence and excels as a result. In addition to being a part of this process, each member of our team is an expert negotiator who can efficiently close deals at the right price for the right people. Because of this, our agents consistently make a high volume of sales in their respected areas of expertise.

For example, Steve Epstein alone was recognized at the #3 real estate agent our of the 1,400 agents in the Santa Barbara MLS and is among the top 100 realtors in California.

It is our superior service that has made the incredible success of The Epstein Partners possible. Commitment, professionalism, and reliability are the core qualities that define who we are as a company.

No other real estate agency offers nearly as comprehensive and efficient of a package as we do.

In real estate it is said that getting the first few transactions isn’t the problem, the difficulty comes in making continuous sales. Luckily for us, the key to overcoming that obstacle is to deliver such a high-quality service that people want to use us as their realtors again and again.

Due to the quality of our real estate practices, we have developed an extensive network of past clients who gladly continue to work with us and send us business. We believe this to be the most significant marker of our success.

We Are the Santa Barbara Realtors for You

Santa Barbara is an excellent but nuanced market to sell a property. The layers of history, unique style, and authentic beauty run deep, and there is always a hidden path to discover. It takes years of hand on experience even to begin becoming familiar with all that Santa Barbara has to offer.

The complexity of Santa Barbara is why Steve Epstein hand-picked the team at The Epstein Partners. Each agent has a refined knowledge of the subtleties of the market they work in and can deliver a genuine, personalized overview of what house makes the perfect match for the right person.

In every real estate deal, there is tremendous pressure and powerful emotions involved. The sale or purchase of property is often one of the milestones of a person’s life and of course they want everything to go perfectly.

To efficiently handle this, we all have a thorough understanding of how to develop an intimate knowledge of your needs and then delivering a personalized strategy to satisfy those needs. The entire team has a palpable enthusiasm for real estate in the Santa Barbara area that reflects in every one of our transactions.

There is no greater pleasure for us than to see someone finally being paired with the home of their dreams. It keeps us motivated to continue delivering an unbeatable service and makes for happy sellers and happy buyers. Our goal is to establish a memorable, gratifying experience from clients as we develop long-term partnerships

Whether you are buying or selling, we are the Santa Barbara Realtors for you. We are well equipped to help you assist you in any of your real estate needs.

When you are ready to buy or sell a home, give Steve Epstein & the Epstein Partners a call. Our aggressive marketing techniques and negotiating skills, along with our extensive knowledge of local neighborhoods, make us the perfect choice when choosing your REALTOR®.