California 93108

Montecito's beaches will entice you to relax as surfers and stand-up paddlers share the waves, and sailboats rhythmically bob up and down from the offshore moorings. The coastline runs from Fernald’s Point, along the water at Miramar Beach and up to the famous surf of Hammond’s Point and Butterfly Beach. This quintessential California town overflows with the best in luxurious living and shopping.

About Montecito

No other city captures luxury or radiates an effortless tony vibe as does Montecito. Stroll among the pathways and enjoy this special seaside haven. Montecito is home to many celebrities seeking the epitome of the California coastal lifestyle that includes stunning coastline, the best restaurants and shopping, 15 trails for nature walks in the hills. Montecito is also one of the wealthiest communities in America, and the multi-million dollar estates are generally tucked away from sight. The streets tend to by winding and narrow, which lends to the mystery and majesty of the area.

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